SLM Solutions teases large-format metal 3D printing for parts up to 3 metres long

SLM Solutions A busy return to work has been completed Formnext A new metal additive manufacturing system has been announced that can print parts up to 3.0×1.2×1.2 metres. 

The company announced the first order for its NXG XII600E platform, which it had not displayed at last year’s event. TCT Magazine; the launch of a software partner ecosystem and held a joint press conference with Nikon; whose acquisition of SLM Solutions is set to be completed next year, all in Frankfurt. There is no image yet of the machine. 

SLM Solutions’ large part machine concept features a core unit, a flexible build envelope and many of the benefits of other SLM Solutions machines. To address the limitations of powder bed metal 3D printing technology when it comes down to part sizes, the company designed the machine. It has not been officially launched. SLM claims it can produce cylindrical parts of up to 1.8m diameter and height and parts of up to 1.2m width and length. SLM also claims the machine has a build rate of up to 330 cm³/h. 

Sam O’Leary, CEO of SLM Solutions commented: “This is yet another piece of game-changing technology that opens up new possibilities to transition applications AM, by removing previously accepted geometrical restrictions. Our incredible team of innovators is responsible for every price we set for technology that we create. They solve manufacturing problems of our customers and make manufacturing a better place.

“It is not only a simple addition to SLM Solutions machine portfolio. This is a revolution in manufacturing. We can’t wait to show the giant and massive metal parts. It’s almost unbelievable, but convince yourself.”

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