Alaska Airlines removes kiosks that print boarding passes

  • Alaska Airlines will be removing the kiosks where passengers could print their boarding passes. Instead, they recommend everyone to download or print their boarding passes prior to their arrival.
  • The goal of the airline is to reduce check-in queues and get passengers through security checks faster.
  • Alaska Airlines’ CEO stated that the removal of the kiosks could help the airline expand without taking up more space at the airport.

Alaska Airlines wants passengers to use their smartphones to store boarding cards, and has removed airport kiosks which could be used to print passes.

The airline has now removed kiosks in nine airports including Portland International, Oregon. Alaska is advising customers to download their boarding passes from the Alaska app or print them out at home.

Alaska executives stated Thursday that they want to reduce the crowds at check-in and speed up passengers’ access to security checkpoints. They discussed this issue during a conference call Thursday with Wall Street Analysts to review first-quarter financial results.

Seattle’s airline lost $142million due to increased fuel and labor prices during its traditionally weakest quarter. Alaska stuck with its forecast, predicting that it would earn between $5.50 – $7.50 a share for the entire year.


Alaska Air Group Inc. shares closed Thursday at $43.56 down 9 cents.

Alaska Airlines is not expected be negatively affected by removing kiosks. However, CEO Ben Minicucci has stated that this will allow the airline to expand without needing more airport space.

Alaska Airlines-Kiosks

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting San Francisco International Airport. A traveller stands in front of an Alaska Airlines booth during this time. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, file)

Alaska’s chief commercial officer Andrew Harrison has said that Alaska has already seen an increase in travelers checking in for their flight and having their boarding pass ready before they arrive at the terminal.

“What you’re going to see in the future are people only needing to check bags that are going to be milling around in the lobby,” he said.


Alaska officials say that half of their customers use the iPads to check in their luggage, instead of using kiosks. In a pinch, they say, airline agents will print boarding tickets for passengers who don’t bring a smartphone or arrive without one.

Alaska plans to remove kiosks at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport next month and at all of its locations by the end of next year.

American Airlines and United Airlines have said that they do not plan to remove their kiosks. Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines did not immediately comment.

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