Are Media’s Print Reach Grows 18 Per Cent Year-On-Year

Are Media’s print circulation has lifted by 18 per cent year-on-year, with its current readership now put at 5.8 million annually.

The data, released by market researcher Roy Morgan, shows readership has increased across 15 of the 17 key magazine categories, including food & entertainment, home & garden, health & family, and Mass Women’s titles.

Jane Huxley is the CEO of Are Media and she says that women crave old-fashioned magazines.

“The recent figures show a welcome resurgence of print media nationwide. Women want to reconnect with the analog experience in these uncertain times, and to take some time to enjoy content that is important to them. It is great to see Women seeking out the magazines brands they love, trust and enjoy and then continue their journey online. The core of our business is strong, and we look forward to delivering for our avid Australian readers for decades to come”.

Are Media’s Better Homes and Gardens magazine, continues to be the most widely read paid print magazine nationwide, attracting more than 1.7 million readers every month.

The beloved Australian Women’s Weekly comes in second, attracting 1.3 million readers every month, up 8.8 per cent on last year.

Also included are titles from other media Woman’s Day, New Idea, The following are some examples of how to get started: TV Week have also increased their print readership.

Home and Garden titles

Home & Garden titles are now read by more than 4 million Australians, up 453,000 on 2022.

Are Media Titles? Better Homes and Gardens It is the most read paid magazine in the United States with a readership exceeding 1.792 Million.

Are Media’s other key magazines saw growth year on year, including House & Garden (up 13 percent, 647,000); Belle (up 3 per cent, 133,000).

Mass Titles

More than 2.2 millions Australians now read these magazines, an increase of 6 percent compared to a year earlier.

The most widely read title is Are Media’s Australian Women’s Weekly, with a  readership of 1.309 million.

Woman’s Day It was ranked second in terms of readership, with 810, an increase of 14 per cent. New Idea, up by 5 per cent to 606,000 readers.

Take 5! The following are some of the ways to improve your understanding. That’s Life There was also a significant increase in the number of people (491,000 and 485,000).

TV WEEKThe number of readers increased by 22% to 412,000.

Women’s Fashion Titles

Women’s fashion magazines also performed well year-on-year, increasing their category readership by 23 per cent to 917,000.

Are Media’s marie claire A 22% rise in readers was recorded, with 276,000.

Women’s Lifestyle Titles

The category that grew the most in print readers was this one. It grew by 13 percent to 359,000.

Are Media’s Who? The number of readers has increased by 3 percent to 153,000.

Food and entertainment titles

Food and entertainment was Australia’s best performing magazine category, and is now read by more than 7.4 million Australians (more than a third of the population).

The number of print readers has increased by 7% year-on-year.

Are Media titles increased their readership by a considerable amount, including Australian Gourmet Traveller (up 15 per cent 213,000); New Idea Food (up by 50% to 109,000); Cooking with Australian Women’s Weekly (up 40 per cent, 110,000).

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