Cleartrip takes aim at MakeMyTrip following the latter’s divisive print ad for India vs Pakistan

Cleartrip calls out its competitor’s unsportsmanlike behavior, which the platform displayed ahead of the highly-anticipated World Cup match.

A new player has stepped out onto the field amid the controversy surrounding the India-Pakistan World Cup match, and MakeMyTrip’s divisive advertising. Cleartrip used the opportunity to not only market its services, but also convey a poignant message on sportsmanship and hostility.

Cleartrip’s dignified and assertive response to MakeMyTrip’s print advertisement that targeted Pakistani fans was a welcome contrast to the hype generated by MakeMyTrip’s unusual offer. Cleartrip’s cleverly-crafted ad was unveiled on its social media platforms. It avoided mentioning MakeMyTrip, but the message it intended to convey was clear.

Cleartrip’s advertisement addressed the values of sportsmanship. It’s fine to celebrate your victory. The ad declares in a humorous way that celebrating someone else’s loss is not sportsmanship. The subtle words bring out the essence of fairness. The platform didn’t just stop at criticizing the lack of sportsmanship, it also extended a warm invite to everyone, whether they were green or blue. The ad ended with “Let’s travel together and give #EqualMaukaToAll a flat 30% discount on hotels.” It embraced the idea of inclusivity and equality for all.

MakeMyTrip’s ad, published just ahead of the thrilling match at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium, laid out an unconventional promotional offer. It stated, “If Pakistan loses by: 10 wickets or 200 runs, get 50% off. Use code: BoysPlayedWell. Save 30% on 6 wickets and 100 runs. Use code: EkShaheenHaar. Get 10% discount on 3 wickets and 50 runs. Use code: NoMaukaMauka.”

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