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Axiom America offers direct to film printing for custom T-shirt makers

Direct To Film Printing from Axiom America for Custom T-Shirt Makers

High Point, North Carolina – Established in 2004, Axiom America has been utilizing their expert knowledge and range of quality products to become a nationwide leader in decoration technologies.

With three offices in the United States and shipping hubs across the country, they assist companies to seize the opportunity of the future. They provide unparalleled technical support as well as manufacturing consulting.

Axiom America’s high-quality direct-to-film printing is ideal for custom tee makers. They also offer wide format digital fabric printing and laser cutting solutions.

A new printing method

Direct to Film Printing is superior to traditional Direct to Garment printing. It can print on almost any fabric.

This new method involves printing onto a special transfer film and then heating the transferred film onto textiles or solid substrates with an integrated lightweight powder adhesive.

This makes it possible to print a vivid high contrast color with sharp edges and details. The print can also be machine washable and flexible. This is a great way for custom t-shirt manufacturers to feel confident they will make a durable, high-quality product that will last for their customers.

Direct to film printing eliminates the need for cutting and weeding and allows companies to print small or large quantities.

You can also use direct to film printing for repeat or popular items. This allows you to store and load up on prints without worrying about the cost or space requirements of pre-printed clothing.

This allows the printed film to be cut and pressed onto many items.

Direct to Film Process

The five step direct-to-film printing process is easy to follow and allows you to print high quality, rich color prints on a wide range of materials.

It is as follows:

  1. Artwork

You first need to create or import the artwork you have chosen into your favorite graphic program.

  1. RIP

The RIP software will create a white mask that overlays your color ink areas.

  1. Print

This step prints your artwork onto film. First, print the color. Then back it with white.

  1. Coat

A powdered adhesive can be applied to the surface. It is then removed and melted onto printed film.

  1. Press

Heat press the film onto your textile once you are satisfied with the result. Then, remove the sheet of film. Your custom-printed print will be ready for you to display in your store or shared with your customers.

Axiom America has both a 14-inch and a 24-inch printer. These include an operation ready PC, design, RIPs, and a variety inks.

A variety of equipment and supplies are also available to them, including powder adhesives and ink, as well as transfer films and ink.

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To find out more about Axiom America and their direct to film printing method, laser cutting solutions, and other forms of textile decoration, or to see a full list of their high quality products and accessories, please visit their website at

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