DPUI) Announces Initial Entry Into The $10+ Billion Banner Printing Market

The New Division of the Company, “Banner Printing of America”, has opened 28 new local offices in key US cities within the last 8 months

The Aggressive Plan of Company Is To Open 250 More Regional US Offices Within the Next 48 Months

LAS VEGAS, March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Get Discounts on Print USA, Inc. (OTC: DPUI), a commercial printing management firm, provides low-priced printing services to individuals and businesses. It offers digital, offset, online and demand printing services. It sells brochures/flyers and business cards.

In the heart of America, is the corporate headquarters for Banner Printing of America. Las Vegas, Nevada. We have made great progress over the past 8 months by opening 28 new regional/local office in major cities across America.

Click on the URL below to view the list of 28 cities which have opened Banner Printing of America’s offices.


The Company will open 250 additional offices in major cities over the next 48-months, giving us an office in nearly 300 American cities. The Company can then expand its online advertising to customers across the country.

The Company’s main banner products are vinyl banners and retractable banner stand, floor stickers, adhesive vinyl, and many other!

Ron Miller Discount Print of America Inc.’s president stated: “We are very excited to announce another division which will be focusing on supplying customers high quality banner products. In a very short time, we have added 200 locations. I’m confident that this will provide our company with another great growth vehicle over the next few decades. We aim to be a major supplier in America of printing banners.

He concluded that: “We believe opening all these local office will fuel an increasing growth in banner market revenues, which we project will lead to substantial increases for both the Company’s shareholders and us in the coming years.”

About Discount Print USA, Inc. (DPUI)

Discount Print USA, Inc., a commercial printer management company, provides low-cost printing services to a broad range of businesses as well individuals. The Company offers offset, digital, demand and online printing services via a website that targets major cities through a network of virtual offices. Discount Print USA, Inc. is a marketing firm that offers printing services and then outsources order fulfillment and delivery directly to the customer. Additionally, it is located in Las Vegas, NevadaDiscount Print USA, Inc. has created divisions that specialize in printing and banner solutions as well as convention and banner design.

We want to be a leader in the rapidly growing industry by setting the highest standards for service, reliability, safety, and profit.

For additional information please visit main corporate site at www.discountprintusa.com and the new banner printing site www.bannerprintingofamerica.com 

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