LUCENA CITY Barangay Barra is home to young professionals as well as students. They can print and copy educational materials free of charge through the Barra TECH4ED Center project, Sangguniang Kabataan’s (SK) Chairman John-Jhon Ramos. Ramos said in a Sunday phone interview that they had received three units of laptops and a printer unit from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (December 2022). The project was launched on March 7, 2023. Ramos stated that the project is designed to meet the educational needs of the students living in the village. Students can book an appointment to use the laptop with internet and free printing up to five pages of educational material. Ramos said that P1 will be charged for five additional pages. Photocopying will be charged at the same rate. The center is located within the barangay Hall and is open every Monday to Friday. Ramos, along with fellow SK officers, will provide services for the young students in the village. Ramos said that the TECH4ED can also be used by non-students, particularly those who need to print job requirements and resumes. Ramos stated that only residents of their villages will be able to use the TECH4ED service. Ramos stated that Barangay Barra recorded 2,000 young voters during 2022 elections.

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