HyperX to Offer 3D Printed Keycaps, Headset Accessories

HyperX, HP’s peripherals company, has launched a new line with cute keycaps and headset stands, microphone holders, and other accessories. The accessories are produced using the company’s Jet Fusion 580 3D printing machines. HX3D is the name of the new “personalized” accessory line. The first accessory, a Cozy Cat cap, will be available at HyperX.com for $19.99.

We had the opportunity to see a variety of samples keycaps, headset stands and headset clip-ons at HP’s pre-CES demo. Many of them were very cute, featuring bright pastel colors and cartoonish characters like rubber ducks or unicorns. 

Some accessories looked like demons or skeletons. These accessories were still adorable in a Hello Kitty way. 

HyperX Custom Accessories

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The Cozy Cat is a 3D animated cartoon cat that wears a blue scarf made of snowflakes and has the HyperX logo on it. You definitely wouldn’t want to do any serious typing with this keycap, but maybe  you could place it on the Esc key or one of those Scroll lock keys you never use.

HyperX Cozy Cat Keycap

(Image credit: HyperX)

HyperX said it would have limited-time keycaps sales, like the one with Cozy Cat, throughout the year. The company also released a YouTube clip that showcases some of its sample accessories, including keycaps, stands, and headset add-ons. 

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