It’s Now Easier To Print QuickBooks Checks On Blank Paper…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

These are five tech news items this week that will impact your business. These are the most important tech developments of this week.

1 – This product makes printing QuickBooks checks on blank paper easy in 2023.

ezCheckPrinting software offers a new upgrade to simplify account management. The upgrade allows businesses to print checks from both QuickBooks and Quicken—with no set limit on the number of accounts checks are printed from. The company is also granting users a “test drive” to see how the software works as detailed on their website. ezCheckPrinting is compatible with previous versions of QuickBooks and Quicken—and starts at $49 to download the software. (Source: Benzinga)

This is why it’s important for your business.

Even though the use of online banking and electronic payments have significantly grown over the past few years, studies have shown that more than half of small businesses are still printing paper checks – a fact that I witness myself at clients. This product is one among a few that makes it easier to print checks from QuickBooks. I haven’t tested it personally so make sure you get references and review others.

2 – This mobile app has become even more powerful for small business.

Marketing 360 – an application that supports marketing efforts of small businesses with everything from organizing inventory to sending automated text messages to customers – has just added Tap to Pay where payments can be received with a simple step. (Source: Martech)

This is why it’s important for your business.

Included on the mobile app “is a new feature will make it even easier for Marketing 360 users to effortlessly and securely accept payments from wherever they are,” CMO Jerry Kelly said. It’s reported that Tap to Pay will accept credit and debit cards, and other digital wallets.

3— Arena Online launches first AI florist in UK

Arena Online Ltd, a UK-based company, announced a new member to its team. Daisy, an AI bot, is an officially appointed team member responsible for fulfilling customer support requests and providing fulfillment tasks. Described as a “super-realistic, fully interactive avatar,” Daisy is designed to handle customer questions with advanced interactivity. John Hackett – CEO of the company – expressed excitement about Daisy’s role and incorporating the technology into their daily operations. (Source: Charged)

This is why this is important to your business:

Another example of an online business investing in AI technology is to speed up processes and do more with fewer people. This also helps customers have a better experience. Daisy, an AI-powered online store, is something you might want to consider.

4 – The cost of an email-borne security attack can on average exceed $1 million.

Barracuda Networks Inc. published an alarming report showing that 35% of respondents were hit by at most one email attack that has caused significant damage within the last year. (Source: PRNewswire)

This is why it’s important for your business.

Companies are not only investing large amounts in IT security; these security breaches can also be very costly, as much as $1,000,000 According to the report, 1 in 4 companies increased their security investments. It was clear that healthcare companies were the most affected by recovery costs, while financial institutions suffered the largest loss of sensitive data. Companies continue to face the daily threat of attacks through email as it’s “a trusted and ubiquitous communications channel, and that makes it an attractive target for cybercriminals,” Don MacLennan—SVP, Email Protection at Barracuda—commented.

5 – TikTok provides more ways to amplify organic content with updated ‘Promote’ tools.

TikTok is giving businesses a boost with a feature designed to increase visibility and potential followers of their platform—increased visits to its TikTok page where users can in turn boost their endorsements of selected businesses. First launched in the spring of 2021 the tool is designed to augment video clips and website visits—while giving businesses the ability to target relevant audiences to further promote their brand. Source: Social Media Today

This is why this is important to your business:

This feature is not new, but many clients who use TikTok don’t know how powerful it can be. This and other TikTok tools can drive more visitors to your TikTok pages, get more messages and target your audience by targeting their location.

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