Leading From The Front: Sudhir Agarwal

In 1984, the Bhopal Gas tragedy claimed thousands of lives in Madhya Pradesh. Dainik Bhaskar and Dwarkaprasad Agarwal fought back against threats from the state’s government to ensure that the story of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy was reported.

Ramesh Aggarwal, son of Dwarkaprasad, and the owner of the newspaper were asked to make a choice between the coverage of leaking gas and the future for the paper. Dainik Bhaskar chose the right side of history by continuing to report with courage.

In 2021, Dwarka’s grandson Sudhir Agarwal and Ramesh Agarwal son Ramesh Agarwal will repeat the feat. Dainik Bhaskar will continue to cover the pandemic with unwavering coverage.

This publication, which was a leader in providing a first-hand account of the COVID-19 Delta Wave, was the one to report the news.

The publication’s detailed news reports would also contradict the information provided by the government.

Dainik Bhaskar soon found itself accused of tax evasion, and raids took place in its Bhopal office. Many people believed the raids took place because the publication’s coverage was at odds with the image the government wanted the public to have of its control.

Leading From the Front features Sudhir Aggarwal, Managing director of DB Corp Ltd. Sudhir has continued the tradition of fearless journalism that Dainik Bhaskar is known for.

Agarwal is a member of the board since the founding of DB Corp. He, along with brothers Girish Agarwal & Pawan Agarwal have been the driving force behind the organization. He manages the media company’s headquarters in Bhopal.

Dainik Bhaskar began in 1948 as Subah Savere. Dwarkaprasad launched it to meet the demand for a Hindi language newspaper in Madhya Pradesh. It was renamed Dainik Bhaskar in 1958.

After a spectacular report on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy the newspaper beat out the leading publications in Madhya Pradesh. It also began expanding outside the state.

By 1995 it was India’s number-one daily newspaper and fastest-growing publication. The publication now has 5 newspapers in India and 61 different editions. Over 6 crore people read it. The DB Group is also a major player in radio across 30 cities.

DB Digital is the digital arm for the group. It has 4 portals, 3 apps and all in Hindi.

Agarwal, and his unique style of leadership, deserves the lion’s portion of credit for the success and expansion of the company. 

He is in charge of our long-term strategy, monitoring the performance of our Company and establishing our overall business plans. His dynamic leadership & with clear future vision, the company has progressed to become the largest-read newspaper in the country,” says DB Corp’s official website.

Agarwal’s leadership in 2005 was exemplified by his coup against the leading print publication that was ruling the ad markets worth Rs 1000 crore.

Agarwal made a bold move after joining forces with media baron Subhash Chandra to take over the advertising market that was dominated by a rival publication.

Agarwal and Chandra have launched Daily News and Analysis or DNA as part of Diligent Media Corp. They are backed by senior journalists and the best marketing, sales and distribution experts.

Agarwal says that while his aggressive strategies played a major role in Dainik’s meteoric growth, the magazine’s success is due to the excellent journalism.

The publication took steps to promote responsible journalism under his leadership in 2015 with the launch of the “No Negative Monday” campaign.

Dainik Bhaskar has taken a counterintuitive view of news publication, where “good News is No News.” They have pledged that they will highlight positive news every Monday by placing the good news in front and pushing negative news down to a separate box.

Agarwal stated in an interview with exchange4media, 2004, that “Dainik Bhaskar’s success as a marketing company is a gross misperception.” Our newspaper’s current success is due to the focus we place on developing content. Marketing can attract potential readers, but loyal readers are only built with quality content. We cater to the needs of all our readers, and pay close attention to localizing the news. This sums up the group’s success.”

Agarwal runs Dainik Bhaskar with a professional touch, too: “Our publications are run professionally.” No member of the family holds editorial posts. We maintain a neutral stance in the news, and we are devoted to our readers. We don’t owe allegiance to any political party. They come, they go. “Our allegiance is with the family.”

Analysts and the investor community consider his leadership to be the reason for the rapid growth of the media group.

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