Letters to the Editor – Thursday, Nov. 17

Back on June 28 and July 5 in the Sherwood Park News’ (there were) letters (that referred to) The reverse of Roe v Wade: One side is with the Prime Minister, and one supports the rights of the unborn. One for and one against the ruling.

Nov. 20 is National Child Day. Its genesis is from the United Nations’ 1959 Declaration of The Rights of the Child and the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child.

These documents do not refer to unborn children, but the one that is alive and breathing inside the womb. However, the language in many places suggests that the unborn child is part the document. Therefore, Have rights.

When Paul Anka, many years ago, sang; “she’s having my baby”, the baby he was singing about was a child that 

Today is also known as a foetus.

He/she is still a child, and should be able to have rights and participate in any discussions 

about it’s future. Human rights must be considered for all people, including the unborn baby.

Let’s stop avoiding the issue by splitting hairs or rationalizing and focusing on when life begins. Acceptance is essential. A baby is a member of the human race as soon as, if not before, conception. This fact must be made law to ensure that it is recognized and protected. The unborn child is officially recognized, has status and has rights.

The dividing up of the baby in Solomon’s day was not the answer and abortion on demand is not the right answer today.

— Don Duncan, Sherwood Park

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