Mainstream print coverage of baseless GOP House investigations lacks context

Falling in line with right-wing media’s demands, the GOP has announced plans to launch a number of sham investigations, including probing President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Given the strong support from right-wing media for these probes and their absurdity, mainstream media must highlight these investigations’ baselessness. 

Republicans are unlikely to be able to pass their legislative agenda on inflation, crime and immigration with their narrow majority in Congress and their minority in the Senate. Instead, numerous representatives have made it known that they plan to use their new power to, in the words of Vanity Fair, “Make life hell. Public. For Democrats. And even, perhaps, for one another.” 

Americans can expect to see a lot of GOP-led investigations over the next two-years, fueled by right-wing media conspiracy theories and right-wing media, as well into Hunter Biden, his family and other affiliated organizations. This is all in addition to the GOP’s potential retaliatory attempt to impeach Biden and his cabinet members. 

Mainstream media outlets have ignored the unwarranted nature these investigations and treated them as legitimate inquiries, while neglecting to give critical context about the key Republicans involved in these investigations.

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