MicroDynamics Partners with All Printing Resources to Represent Veritas

Woodstock, GA – MicroDynamics LLC, leader in accurate anilox cell volume measurement systems, is proud to announce their new sales partnership with All Printing Resources Inc. (APR). APR can now sell MicroDynamics’ Veritas Inspection System, as well as all MicroDynamics Systems and Accessories, to customers in the United States, Canada and other countries.

All Printing Resources, Inc. has been assisting flexographic convertors since 1958 with sales, service, support, and expertise. Customers in the US and Canada can choose from a variety of flexo supplies and accessories. Based in Illinois the company has 15 US Warehouse locations, and a sales force that works throughout the nation. The agreement allows APR to provide sales and support for all MicroDynamics solutions, including the Veritas™, 3DQC Classic™, and LaserQC™ systems, the MicroScan3™ software, and all inspection accessories.

Winner of the 2023 FTA Technical Innovation Award, Veritas™ is the newest anilox inspection microscope from MicroDynamics. This is the fastest and most accurate anilox inspection technology on the market. The MicroScan3™ analysis software is also available through APR for seamless data analysis, storage, and recall. The 3DQC Classic™ from MicroDynamics is the original pioneer in accurate anilox measurement technology and has been utilized by top anilox manufacturers for decades. Their LaserQC™ system accurately measures course engravings under 150lpi. Inspection accessories such as the Anti-Vibe™ vibration reduction table, calibration stands, and roll holders will also be available through APR under the new agreement.

Tim Reece (VP of Technical Services, APR) and Brent Zurcher (Director of Operations, MicroDynamics) were the main facilitators for this successful sales partnership.

“Combining our quality solutions with their quality sales and service, we have high hopes for this new partnership with APR. Their vast knowledge of flexo and their nationwide sales force will be an invaluable resource for our clients. APR only works with the best, and we are proud to be a part of their solution lineup for customers nationwide,” says Brent Zurcher, MicroDynamics Director of Operations.

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