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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — It’s a sad day for many Mobilians who love to get their news from reading the Mobile Press-Register. Saturday, February 25, was the last day that the Press-Register printed a paper. Sunday February 26th was the last day that readers of the paper could receive their final copy. Many Mobilians say they’re not ready to see the paper go.

Some locals claim that they have relatives who used to work at the Press-Register. These family members regularly read their paper so they feel a personal connection.

“I always loved the newspaper,” said Alix Hardie, a Mobile resident. “My father worked there for over 50 years until he died. It was his livelihood. So I’m very disappointed to see it go away.”

“I’m very familiar with the newspaper,” said Donna Glover, a Mobile resident. “Had a family member work there, my mother many years ago. And, you know, like I said, it’s just sad to see a newspaper go.”

The Press-Register left a farewell message on the frontpage of the February 26 copy. It thanked Mobile first in bold letters, and then read the greeting.

“Today is the end of an era – the last printed edition of The Press-Register. But the move to all-digital delivery won’t change our commitment to reporting news that changes lives, laws and minds in our community and Alabama, just as we have for many decades.”

Alabama Press Register

Alabama Media Group, their parent company, announced that they would be moving all content online by November 1.

The online change is not something everyone is onboard with–including Frank Hall, who says he’s used to getting all of news through newspapers, so online isn’t going to be an easy change for him.

“I kind of have to make a decision whether I’ll subscribe to the internet through that,” said Hall. “And whether I’ll just do without.”

Tara Yarborough, another local, believes it’s about time. She says her pet snake has been in the paper before, so she’s no stranger to the newspaper, but she is in favor of the switch.

“I mean, you know it’s a shame to see something nostalgic go,” said Yarborough. “However, you know, the times change everything is computerized now. People on the move, you know, you need your things real time, so online is great.”

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