NEWS WATCH: DARK HORSE Brings JAMES TYNION IV Substack Series to Print!

Dark Horse And James Tynion IV announce they are partnering to bring the prolific author’s Substack original series, Blue Book and Christopher Chaos’ Oddly Pedestrian Life To be printed. Blue Book #1 will go on sale February 22, 2023. Christopher Chaos #1 will release June 7, 2023. The two series, published under Tynion’s Tiny Onion Studios, helped to kick off the Substack push into comics. This announcement comes right after a Kickstarter campaign for a live-action short film. Service in the Room, written and directed by Tynion. Elsa Charretier is the artist.

Dark Horse’s first series is now available Blue BookTynion wrote the book with Michael Avon Oeming as an artist and Aditya Bidikar as a letter writer. Each issue contains a backup story by Klaus Janson, which examines true stories about alien encounters and supernatural phenomena. The second series is available. Christopher Chaos’ Oddly Pedestrian Life Based on Tynion’s concept, the series is written and directed by Tate Brombal. Art by Isaac Goodhart, colors and letters by Aditya Birdikar are all provided by Kurt Michael Russell. This series follows a young, gay-friendly horror-hero series about a mad scientist who is forced to live in a new world by a potential crush.

Dark Horse also shared first views of the covers for each series:

Blue Book #1 (of 5), will be published in print beginning February 22, 2023. It will also include three variant covers: one foil variant by Michael Avon Oeming, and two variants by Dave Johnson or Jill Thompson. The Oddly Pedestrian Life and Christopher Chaos #1 (of 5) is available June 7, 2023.


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