OC Transpo prints new signs after R1 bus signs cause confusion on Queen Street

OC Transpo is simplifying signage to direct riders towards the R1 service in downtown Ottawa. On Monday, “more improvements” are planned after some passengers complained that the signs were confusing.

The R1 bus will continue to provide service between Blair and Tunney’s Pasture while the O-Train remains out of service due to LRT vehicle inspections as well as the root cause investigation for an axle bearing problem on one train. The light-rail transit service has not been reopened yet, but an update is promised for Monday.

In an effort to improve bus service downtown Ottawa, OC Transpo redirected the R1 replacement service to Albert and Slater Streets to serve riders using Parliament and Lyon Stations.

New signs installed at Queen Street bus stops to direct passengers towards Albert and Slater streets have caused confusion among riders.

There were symbols on the signs for transit riders heading west and east. The R1 east sign had a cross out A with an arrow pointing to a box that said Slater/O’Connor stop #3007. The R1 east was marked with a crossed-out B and an arrow leading to a box stating Slater/O’Connor Stop #3007.

The map also showed the locations of all the stops.

This is a sign on Bank and Albert where yesterday, a new bus stop R1 appeared without warning after it moved from Queen. Shannon Proudfoot, Globe and Mail reporter, tweeted: “I honestly have no clue what this sign tells us.”

Joel Klebanoff replied, “I’m sure it’s very clear what this sign is saying.” It says that Uber.”

CTV News Ottawa’s Chief News Anchor Graham Richardson noted that signs “say huge things about public transportation in this city right at the moment.”

A bus stop has been moved. 10 bucks for anyone who can actual decipher what transit riders are supposed to do and where they’re supposed to go,” Richardson said on Twitter.

In a tweet posted on Saturday, OC Transpo expressed its gratitude for all the comments received regarding the confusing signs on the R1 buses for service along Albert and Slater Streets.

OC Transpo announced that “you’ll see some new signs today” and that more improvements would be made on Monday.

We have a team of outreach staff at different R1 locations that can answer any questions you may have during your trip.

Transit Services General Manager Renee Amilcar said a dedicated team meets regularly, even on weekends, in order to “address customer feedback as soon as possible.”

Amilcar told CTV News Ottawa that they had developed a plan for signage. This included simplifying information provided to the customers.

The goal is to finish the printing and installation of new signs today. “We will continue to improve signs on Monday.”

Natalie van Rooy, CTV News Ottawa

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