Police Blotter, November 15 – November 21, 2022, Print Edition

Nov. 6: At 4:04 pm, the Real Time Crime Center broadcast an alarm that indicated that a vehicle was being sought by the NYPD in connection to a menacing handgun incident. The vehicle was located on the Saw Mill Parkway. Officers found that the white Honda Pilot, with Georgia license plates, was leaving Kisco Avenue and traveling in the village. Officers searched the area for the vehicle, and were alerted to a traffic collision at Maple Avenue and West Main Street involving a white Honda Pilot. The Honda fled the scene after the accident, and no one was seriously hurt.

The vehicle was seen traveling at a high speed along Lexington Avenue. However, officers from county police did not attempt to pull the vehicle over due to the danger posed by a pursuit for other motorists. The vehicle was last reported by county officers to have been seen driving south on Route 117, into New Castle.

Shortly after, Ruxton Road resident in New Castle reported to police that the white Honda Pilot driver had fled into the woods from his vehicle. New Castle police officers, the county cop, and the New York State Police were called to the scene. However, the driver was not found. The vehicle was taken to Hawthorne county police headquarters as evidence.

Nov. 6: At 10:05 p.m. officers responded to a report about a domestic dispute. The dispute was a verbal one. A follow-up visit was scheduled for the community resource officer the following day.

Nov. 7: At 12:10 p.m., a resident called the Green Street precinct to report a fraudulent $5,000 transaction on her bank account. The matter is under investigation by the woman’s bank, which requested she also report the matter to police.

Nov. 7: Two-thirds of East Main Street laundry was flooded by officers after an owner reported that a man was drinking on the premises. The man refused to leave and the officers arrived at the scene. The man was gone upon an officer’s arrival.

Nov. 9: After the alarm sounding, officers responded at 10:55 am to the Mount Kisco Public Library’s Main Street location. The alarm had gone off, and it was found that there was no emergency.

Croton-on-Hudson Police Department

Nov. 7: Two men were arrested for a series car burglaries and thefts that took place in the village. Two males were seen trying to get into locked vehicles in the upper villages and trespassing onto private property. Police responded. Two male suspects were located by officers responding to the call. They were found to have stolen two credit cards and suspected stolen property. The suspects had robbed a vehicle with the key fob still inside. The vehicle was discovered abandoned just a few miles away. The suspects were also seen leaving the vehicle abandoned on High Street earlier in the night.

Two juveniles and one adult were taken into police custody and each of them were charged with second degree grand larceny. The juvenile suspect is also facing three counts of third degree grand larceny. He was also charged with two counts of fourth-degree theft and one count each of third-degree unauthorised use of a motor car.

New Castle Police Department

Nov. 7: One resident reported that their check had been stolen and was later cash by an unknown individual. 

Nov. 7: One employee at a local firm had his credit card stolen and used for multiple transactions. An investigation is ongoing into the matter.

Nov. 8: Several political signs were stolen from a resident’s yard on Seneca Drive. Unusual vehicle was also seen in the vicinity at the time. 

Nov. 10: Officers responded to a call about graffiti being created by juveniles on Hunts Place. They located the subject matter. Investigating the incident is ongoing.

North Castle Police Department

Nov. 4: Nichols Road resident reports that someone was downstairs at her residence at 3:29 a.m. After going downstairs, she heard people exiting the basement through her door. She then called to report that her husband, and son, had attempted to follow the vehicle where the parties fled in their vehicle. There were no indications of forced entry by the responding officers; everything seems normal at the residence.

Nov. 7: Report of a raccoon found in the dumpsters along MacDonald Avenue at 8.09 AM The animal control officer responded, and reported that it was removed from the area.

Nov. 7: A caller at 8:35 p.m. reported that he had parked his Ford F-150 on Lafayette Avenue on the date specified. When he returned to the same location the next evening, the vehicle was gone. The responding officer reported that the vehicle was parked on private property without the property owner’s permission. Golden Towing was responsible for the towing of the truck. The party was able contact the tow company. Matter adjusted.

Pleasantville Police Department

Nov. 5: A suspiciously white sedan was observed parked in front the Brentwood Drive home at 8:23 pm. A Long Island man aged 27 was approached by an officer and learned that he had a warrant out for his arrest from Suffolk County.

Nov. 9: Report of a crime taking place at the Mavis, Marble Avenue at 3:45 PM. Two men tried leaving the premises to avoid paying for new tires. Lynbrook, L.I., 28-year-old, was one of the suspects. One of the men, a 28-year-old Lynbrook, L.I. resident was taken into custody. It was also discovered that the vehicle had been stolen from New York City.

Nov. 10: At 10:03 p.m., a large group of youths were reported to have gathered at the high school’s parking lot. After an officer arrived on the scene, the group was dispersed.

Nov. 11: A 51-year-old man arrived at headquarters at 1:30 a.m. to report that he’s been receiving annoying phone calls from a subject, a 28-year-old woman. The woman was willing to stop making contact.

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