Stake presidencies reorganized in 5 countries around the world

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND HENDERSON TAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Mila Masiasomua, 50; occupational health specialist and Flex Physio Sports & Rehab director; succeeding Aaron T. Wi Repa; spouse, Christine Gwendolene Fisher Masiasomua. Counselors — Phillip Thomas Parkie Skeen46, Seminaries & Institutes of Religion Coordinator and high school English/media studies teacher; Tanisha Nicole Straws-Skeen, wife. Fe’avesi Lucas Talamaivao, 42, social worker; Maria Sarah Salanoa Talamaivao, wife.

BELLVILLE SOUTH AFRICA STEAKE: (Sept. 11, 2022) President — Andrew Russell Herbert, 52, Federal Clearing & Forwarding national operations manager; succeeding Paul Kruger; wife, Shelly Lee Powrie Herbert. Counselors — Sibusiso David Nkosi, 38, South African Airforce technician; wife, Lufuno Matovheke Nkosi. Alfonso Eugene Mosenthal, 34, Integrated Real Estate Accounting Services junior accounting services; wife Merle Suzanne Jacobs Moenthal.

BOISE, IDAHO CENTRAL SAKE: (Aug. 28, 2022) President — Andrew Seth Jorgensen43 years old, trial attorney; succeeded John H. McMurdie; Hilary Eve Smith Jorgensen, wife. Counselors — David Neil Williams, 53, HP Inc. contractural print category manager; wife, Camille Noel Rankin Williams. Gregory Wayne Schley, 55, Micron Technology IT system manager; Debra Kaye Makin Schly, wife.

LIVERPOOL STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2022) President — Siosifa Fotukava Tokelau, 55, Greens General Food Co. Ltc. warehouse operator; succeeding Leonardo D. Gomez; wife, Sepiuta Talafaiva Lui Tokelau. Counselors — Pablo Ariel Gomez, 41; Maree Hancock Gomez is his wife. Sam Sio, 39, South Western Sydney Local Health District NSW Health manager; Ella Vilii-Sio, his wife.

QUILLOTA CHILE SAKE: (Oct. 9, 2022) President — Julio Patricio Caro Zarabia, 40, Nomasarriendo Agency commercial manager; succeeding Patricio E. Gòmez Turner; wife, Lineth Evelyn Guevara Montes. Counselors — Enrique Andrés Concha Alvarado, 32, freight forward servicing company owner; wife, Cintya Carla de Concha Cabrera. Rodrigo Esteban Escobar Bustos, 36, Constructora Escobar Hermanos Ltda. Carolina Alejandra de Escobar Pereira is the owner and operations manager.

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