Tampa startup brings first 3D-printed home to the region

With an asking price $599,300, the first 3D-printed Tampa Bay home is up for sale.

Click, Print, Home, a Tampa-based startup, teamed up with Compass Florida, a real estate brokerage, to list the three-bedroom, 2-bathroom home located at 7509 S Shamrock Road, Tampa.

The founder and president of Tampa startup Click, Print, Home, Matt Gibson, said he believes 3D printing technology will transform the construction industry in Florida.
Matt Gibson, the founder and president of Tampa startup Click, Print, Home, believes 3D printing technology could transform Florida’s construction sector. [ Click, Print, Home ]

Once a buyer signs on, construction will take about six months from start to finish, said Click, Print, Home’s founder and president, Matt Gibson. That’s roughly half the time it takes to build a traditional home.

Gibson indicated that he believes the technology has the potential transform Florida’s construction sector and increase Florida’s housing supply.

Alquist 3D, a Iowa-based company, will supply the 3D printer. Robotic arms from the 3D printer will layer concrete to create the home’s structure. This method is much more accurate than human labor and reduces material waste by around 95%.

Construction of the home will take about six months to complete. That's roughly half the time it would take to build a traditional home.
The home’s construction will take approximately six months. This is roughly half the time required to build a traditional house. [ Click, Print, Home ]

It will also be four times stronger than typical concrete homes. “This is going to be so much more resistant to wind, water and termites, which is huge for Florida,” Gibson said.

Gibson stated that if the project succeeds, he would love to create a whole community of 3D-printed houses. He mentioned a Texas-based project of the same nature.

“This is the most efficient way to build a home,” he said. “It’s just a matter of time until this is the only way.”

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