Upcoming WhatTheyThink Webinar Showcases Print Embellishments

Trish Witkowski and Kevin Abergel explain how to “Finish It with Flair!” on December 14

One of the hottest trends in finishing today is what are known as “embellishments”—adding special effects to printed materials such as textures, metallic foils, and other tactile finishes. New digital embellishment options allow printers to harness the power of touch and create printed and packaged products that are more desirable, memorable, valuable, and appealing. There is also a willingness to pay more if there is perceived value. 

But what do we mean by “embellishments”?  And what are today’s digital embellishment solutions? Which print applications are they most suitable for?

Join us on Wednesday, December 14 at 1pm EST when Fold Factory’s Trish Witkowski and Taktiful’s Kevin Abergel will look at the current embellishment landscape, providing a comprehensive look at different types of embellishments, the different ways they can be produced, and the top applications for which they are used.

In this LunchNLearn webinar, you’ll learn:

  • There are many types of embellishments. Here are some examples.
  • There are many ways to apply embellishments.
  • Exciting examples and case studies, top applications
  • How embellishments can add value to packaging and print.

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Finish it with Flair is the latest in WhatTheyThink’s monthly LunchNLearn webinar series.

For more information about WhatTheyThink webinars, please visit http://whattheythink.com/webinars/.

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