Vice Press Reissues Limited Edition Prints of Classic ‘Star Trek’ Movie Posters — Daily Star Trek News

Matt Ferguson, Vice Press Creative Director, will lead the initiative. With over thirty years of experience, and a dedication to Star Trek, Ferguson not only identifies as a fan but also brings his artistic talent to bear on the series’ maiden release—a bespoke piece inspired by Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Ferguson’s enthusiasm was expressed in a public statement. He said, “Star Trek It has been my lifelong companion. It’s part of a legacy and it creates new opportunities. Star Trek Art for my company is an incredible thrill. I am eager to reveal our creative offerings. Engage!”

The revival of classics such as Bob Peak’s original is a hallmark of the ongoing series. Star Trek The Motion Picture posters. The cherished artworks will be joined by new creations by a diverse group of artists. Some of them are debuting with Vice Press while others have been part of the talent roster for some time.

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