Western media running false propaganda of minorities’ persecution in India, say leaders of minority communities in New Zealand

Auckland [New Zealand], May 1 (ANI): Endorsing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s developmental policies and schemes, the leaders of Indian minority communities living in New Zealand, while participating in the launch ceremony of the New Zealand chapter of the Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF), renounced the false propaganda of Western media about the persecution of minorities in India.

They condemned the false narratives being spread by the media about minorities’ safety and security in India. They affirmed that they feel safe and secure in India, under the leadership Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

IMF convenor Satnam Singh Sandhu said, “Minority communities have been made equal partners in the development of India under PM Modi’s leadership. These leaders reject the anti-India propaganda in Western media that minorities are being persecuted by Indian authorities. Rather these communities have flourished under the leadership of PM Modi.”

Simon David O’Connor, Member of Parliament New Zealand said, “Ever since PM Modi has taken over India’s governance, he has proved himself as an incredibly popular politician through the work and the leadership he has been providing the nation with, as well as the inspiration to New Zealand and other countries across the world. While there are several challenges against him by the international media, he is a very secular leader who engages with the people of all the communities and believes in equality.”

He added that New Zealand was keen to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with Indians and the Indian community living in New Zealand, and engage better in friendship and trade with India.

IMF opened its second international chapter for New Zealand in an event at the Mahatma Gandhi Centre, Auckland. This event was attended by a large number of the minorities living in New Zealand.

This chapter was launched to give Indian minorities living in India a platform to discuss their concerns and to act as a link between them and Indian government.

This comes days after IMF’s first international chapter was launched in Australia.

Neeta Bhushan, the high commissioner of India in New Zealand, was present as the chief guest. Satnam Sandhu of the IMF, as well as Prof Himani Sood who is IMF’s co-founder were in attendance.

Attendees also included Taznim, Secretary of Burhani Women’s Association in Auckland; Father Joseph from the Serbian Orthodox Church; Shabbir Rajkotwala, a representative of the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim Community; Nivzer Dadabhoy and Bonifa Irani, representatives of the Parsi and Zoroastrian Communities respectively among others.

The launch ceremony for the IMF New Zealand Chapter was also attended by members of New Zealand’s parliament, representatives of various communities, religious leaders and scholars.

The Indian Muslim women who attended the event in New Zealand thanked Modi for the abolition of triple talaq and said that they feel safe in India now.

Centre passed the triple talaq legislation in 2019. Taznim, a representative of the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim Community and Secretary of Burhani Women’s Association in Auckland said, “PM Modi has taken several landmark decisions for the empowerment of Muslim women in the country such as introducing ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ to encourage the pursuit of higher education and abolition of the ‘Triple Talaq’ to ensure for them the dignity they deserve.”

Father Joseph of the Serbian Ortodox Church affirmed that Narendra modi, after he became Prime Minister, changed the way India was viewed at a global level. He said that Narendra has worked to put India on a path of growth and lift the image of the nation.

“While several false narratives are being set up about Minorities being unsafe in India, the truth is that every community in the country enjoys freedom, security, and equal opportunities under the leadership of PM Modi. He is a secular Prime Minister and has been focusing on the welfare and progress of each community and connecting them to achieve harmony in the country,” he said.

Shabbir Rajkotwala, a representative of the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim Community in New Zealand, said, “During his tenure of 9 years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has focused on connecting with the people belonging to different communities in India and ensured equality among all, owing to which Dawoodi Bohra Muslim Community now feels safe and recognized in the country. The Western media’s false narrative that Muslims in India are unsafe is condemned by the entire community. PM Modi has taken several big initiatives for the betterment of the Community, mainly in terms of business by opening the e-commerce channels that have resulted in the economic upliftment of the community.”

A representative of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in New Zealand said, “It is an honour to be part of the launch of the Indian Minorities Foundation in Auckland and to learn about India’s growth as a nation under PM Modi’s leadership. In India, every section of the society is growing and the Muslim Community is also participating in this development. In the political era of PM Modi, Minorities feel safe in the country and enjoy equal opportunities.”

Nivzer Dadabhoy and Bonifa Irani, representatives of the Parsi and Zoroastrian Communities in New Zealand said, “The false narrative about Minorities being unsafe in India has been built by Western powers and vested interests to malign the nation and create a communal divide. This propaganda can be dispelled by witnessing the results of India reaching the global landscape and creating an image that is looked at by the entire world.”

Hemant Vohra, a representative of the Jain Community in New Zealand, said, “PM Modi has been working for the upliftment of Minorities in India without any discrimination and focused on the social and economic welfare of all the communities. As a result, the socio-economic structure of all Minority communities is improving at a great pace and contributing to the nation’s growth at large.” Malvika Shah and Madraj Chandra of the Jain Community also appreciated the work done by PM Modi to improve each community and nation-building.

Nilesh Doshi, a representative of BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple Avondale, said, “I feel honoured to get the opportunity to attend the launch of IMF on behalf of the entire BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha along with the people of the Indian Community in Auckland. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has understood the aspirations of each community and worked on taking them all together on the path of India’s progress.” (ANI)

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