Cooler Master is selling a PC shaped like a sneaker

Are you a sneakerhead who also loves to play games? If you’re both of these things, we have the perfect PC setup for you. Cooler Master released a pre-built PC modeled after a sneaker.

If you take a peek at the PC building market these days, you’ll notice how it’s now possible to create PCs out of a variety of form factors. The shoe pushes the boundaries of what a computer should look like. But Cooler Master managed to make it work.

Originally showcased at the Case Mod World Series 2020 where it won the award for the best art direction. The Sneaker X has all the features of a computer in the form a shoe. And it’s not just a looker.

The PC comes with four processor options: AMD Ryzen 7,800X3D and Ryzen 7950X3D. It also offers a choice of GPUs, including the RTX4070, RTX4070 Ti, or RTX4080.

The CPU will have up to 2TB of NVMe PCIe 4.0 Gen4 storage and 64GB DDR5 RAM. Although the sneaker appears to be packed with features, the Master Liquid PL360 flux sneaker edition cooling system will keep temperatures down.

The Sneaker X in the United States is available in Enthusiast and Professional models (both with an RTX4070). Enthusiast sells for US$ 3499. The Professional retails at US$ 3,799.

For now, the higher trims with AMD processors are only available in Europe. These trims are priced up to US$ 4,964.

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