Detroit’s first 3D-printed home is about to hit the market

Detroit is set to get a new housing development.

The property is unique – not because of its historic significance, fame or scenic views. The home, which costs $224,500 was actually built using a 3D-printer. It is the first 3D printer in the city.

Fernando Bales said, “The entire perimeter, which is about a 1000 square foot home, is made up of 3D-printed wall segments.”

Bales oversees the lab of Citizen Robotocs. A nonprofit based in Detroit, this organization set its sights last year on building a 3D home. This home is now a real thing.

The exterior walls were made from 3D printed mortar, which was then filled with insulation and finished in stucco. The nonprofit printed the front porch, as well as some accent walls in the interior. 

This is an energy-efficient home that’s airtight. “We’re a not-for-profit, so this is all about adoption of technology and getting it in the hands of community members. That’s really important to us,” Evelyn Woodman said.

Woodman founded the firm four years ago with her father. The firm has also worked with university students and school children.

The home is a milestone for the non-profit, as it represents a new era in home building.

Woodman added, “I think we have learned a valuable lesson by seeing how enthusiastic people are.”

The house can be found in Islandview Neighborhood. The house will be on the market by the end of this year. 

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