Epson reveals 8 new business projectors for Singapore

Epson announced eight new additions in its product line. Business projector series Singapore’s lineup

The new products will provide video conferencing tools or devices for education that are of higher quality to both schools and businesses.

The EB 770Fi and EB 770F display content in 16:6 or 21:9 aspect proportions, depending on the type of content.

EB-L260F & EB210W both cover distances up to 300 in.

The brightness of the display is also a range from 4,000 to 4,600 lumens. This allows you to project meetings and lessons on blank surfaces or common backdrops in different lighting environments without having to prepare any display areas.

All products use Epson’s laser light technology, for up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free use so companies can utilize the projectors’ life for a long time.

Interactive, hassle-free

Furthermore, Epson’s iProjection The app lets users project four devices on the same network. App can quickly switch the source device through remote control.

The 16:6 projectors have interactive functions as well that support Epson’s Graphical User Interface (GUI). The toolbars displayed on both sides of screen allow for seamless collaboration.

Document cameras can be used to move documents on screen if users need to refer back to a document that is already on screen.

Finally, organizers will no longer need to use long cables as power sources. Instead, they can connect a smart stick that has AC power.

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