Farsoon launches UT252P polymer 3D printer with ability to process materials with melting points above 340°C

The final day of TCT Asia 2023, Farsoon The company has announced that it is developing a 252P laser bed fusion system with ultra-high temperature. 

The company’s high-temperature 252P LPBF polymer system was first introduced in 2014. It has since proven to be popular among technical research institutes as well as leading chemical producers and small-scale manufacturing service providers. 

Previously, this system has had a temperature capability up to 280°C, supporting many chemical manufacturers in the development of specialised engineering materials development, as well as the validation of small batch production. With this temperature capability, Farsoon users have been able to process PA11, CF, ESD, TPU, PP, PBT, PA6, and PPS, and PA66, but now, with the UT252P system, users will be able to process materials a high melting point above 340°C. 

The UT252P system is equipped with a versatile build envelope 250 × 250 × 320mm and 100W CO2 laser, which Farsoon believes will open up many new opportunities for high temperature application in material engineering, medical, aerospace and more. It also features enhanced 8-zone temperature shielding, while thermal control enables the UT252P to process high-temperature, high-performance engineering materials such as PA6, PA66, PPS, PAEK, PI, PTFE for end-use applications.

In tandem with the development of the UT252P, Farsoon’s polymer application team has been collaborating with multiple material suppliers on material optimisation of high temperature powder materials for the LPBF process. One recent success has seen Farsoon sintering a PAEK family material with a high melting point over 340°C, with the material featuring ‘excellent chemical and thermal resistance, low moisture uptake, and good fire-resistant, and higher wear resistance.’ During beta-testing, parts made from UT252P were said to show repeatable results for thermal stability, mechanical properties and surface quality. Farsoon also reported the material’s ability to achieve a low refreshing rate, which can lead towards a reduced material cost. 

The UT252P ultra temperature system is now open to the global market through Beta program application, as well as material collaboration for high-temperature materials. 

This week, Farsoon has also introduced its 16-laser FS1521M metal 3D printer at TCT Asia, as well as its quad-laser FS350M-4 metal 3D printer. Prior to the event, Farsoon spoke to TCT about the product roadmap of the company and the current state of 3D printers in China. 

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