HP launches HP Jet Fusion 5420W 3D printing system; debuts new Metal Jet applications at Formnext

HP has announced the launch of its HP Jet Fusion 5420W 3D printing system as part of a new machine series that facilitates the additive manufacture of white parts. 

At FormnextThe company will also showcase its HP Metal Jet S100 product for the first time in Europe. A new John Deere production application is another feature of the company’s booth (Hall 12.1; D59). 

“Additive manufacturing delivers on today’s most urgent market demands including sustainable innovation, hyper-personalisation, and business resiliency,” said Didier Deltort, President of Personalization & 3D Printing, HP Inc. “Together, with our global network of partners and customers, we are scaling additive manufacturing to meet these needs.”

HP Unveils New Jet Fusion 5400 Series

To enable entirely new production applications, HP is adding the new HP Jet Fusion 5400 Series to its existing Jet Fusion portfolio, with the HP Jet Fusion 5420W the series’ first product. This product was designed to enable high-quality additive manufacturing white parts. HP claims the new machine will be ideal for industrial, consumer, and healthcare markets. Early customers using the new system to produce innovative white applications include DI LabsPrototal Industries?, and Weerg.

“HP continues to provide us with the advancements we need to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing and produce the final parts our customers need,” said Jan Löfving, CEO, Prototal Industries. “Beyond the industrial grade production HP delivers, we are seeing immediate interest in the new white applications made possible by the latest addition to HP’s Multi Jet Fusion family. As a proud Digital Manufacturing Partner in HP’s DMN, we are equipped to take on bold, innovative projects and help companies get the most value out of AM production.”

HP also announced that since last year’s Formnext announcement of its 100 million Multi Jet Fusion parts milestone, more than 70,000,000 additional parts have been produced in the past twelve months. These applications are also displayed at Formnext. 

  • Using their HP Jet Fusion fleet, GKN Forecast 3D produced 60,000 spoiler closeout seals with BASF ULTRASINT TPU01 (thermoplastic polyurethane) for General Motors. Innovative vapour polishing, drying and other processes made possible by AMT They were used to close out a bottleneck and halve the production time. The seals close out gaps on the left and right sides of the rear spoiler, improving finish and fuel efficiency, and the spoiler closeout seal recently earned top prize in the additive manufacturing category at the 51st Annual SPE Automotive Innovation Awards.
  • Demonstrating the power of hyper-personalisation, Smith I/O MAG Imprint 3D Goggles are produced with Multi Jet Fusion technology and offer a truly custom fit based on the individualized features of a person’s face. Named one of the Top 100. Time Magazine’s This is the Best Invention of 2022. These first-of-their kind goggles eliminate light leaks and air gaps for top performance on the slopes.

Application of a new metal jet

Launched in September, HP’s Metal Jet S100 Solution is enabling industrial customers, such as Domin Digital Motion, Lumenium, and Schneider Electric, to achieve ‘better productivity, low part cost, and outstanding quality’ per HP. John Deere is the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction machinery. They are the most recent adopters of Metal Jet technology to produce a valve for tractor fuel systems.

As a pair GKNJohn Deere now produces Metal Jet-printed valves for its agricultural machinery. In addition to significant productivity gains and environmental benefits, the high-quality part is said to be functional in extreme weather conditions. John Deere is also leveraging HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology to optimise its production processes using 3D printed prototypes to test and fine tune components and parts such as windshield holders, reducing pre-assembly from 30 days to ten, delivery times by up to ten weeks, and overall production costs by between 20 to 25 percent.

“Our focus on innovation and sustainability is at the core of everything we do for our customers,” said Dr. Jochen Müller, Manager Global Digital Engineering at John Deere. “We are proud to be among the first in the agricultural industry to leverage the benefits 3D printing for both prototyping and final parts production. Leveraging industrial 3D printing platforms for polymers and metals, we are discovering opportunities to deliver more efficient, reliable, and sustainable equipment.”

Materials, post processing, and DMN updates

HP Partner for Materials Lubrizol has announced the new ESTANE 3D M88A TPU, a flexible and highly durable material which enables complex geometries and lattice structures. And in post-processing, HP and AMT have announced a new strategic alliance to provide customers with ‘seamless, fully automated post processing support’ through the entire 3D printing production workflow.

Together, HP and AMT are working to help customers more efficiently and cost effectively apply post processing capabilities like unpacking, cleaning, surface finishing, colouring, sporting and quality control for applications produced with HP’s industrial Jet Fusion 3D printing portfolio. AMT has joined HP’s partnership, and HP is working with other post processing providers to provide customers access to a wide variety of options. AM Flow and DyeMansion?, and Rösler Group AM Solutions. DyeMansion provides advanced post processing options, such as surface finishing and colouring white parts manufactured with the Jet Fusion 5420W solution.

Supplementing the updates from HP on materials and post-processing, the company has also announced Oechsler as a new Digital Manufacturing Partner in HP’s DMN. Oechsler is the first to take advantage of the joint post processing support with AMT and develop a range of applications.

“At Oechsler, we choose to work with companies who have a shared vision of working together to deliver optimal outcomes.  HP and AMT building a comprehensive approach from printing to an integrated post processing solution is a critical step in the adoption of additive manufacturing at scale,” said Matthias Weisskopf, General Manager, OECHSLER Motion. 

HP’s commitment to sustainability

In line with its sustainability commitments, HP has announced it is offering its customers using polymer-based technologies a new Virtucycle recycling and buyback programme by Arkema. Customers interested in the program can sell their used PA11 or PA12 powders and printed parts to Arkema, rather than disposing of materials through costly, harmful, and environmentally damaging practices like burning or landfilling.

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