InkAddict Employs Advanced Printing Equipment to Expand Printing and Design Capabilities

InkAddict is a trailblazer when it comes to creating and selling unique tattoo clothing. They continue to improve and refine the printing processes in order to provide customers with high-quality and eye-catching designs. Their recent investment in and acquisition of cutting-edge direct-to-garment and direct-to-film machines will expand InkAddict’s customization ability, improve order fulfillment speeds, and help them showcase trendsetting styles with vibrant and detailed graphics.

InkAddict, a retailer of tattoo fashions that is committed to innovation and creativity, has been a favorite among tattoo lovers worldwide. They offer a unique fusion of tattoo art, fashionable designs and comfortable apparel. InkAddict takes their commitment to outstanding craftsmanship and personal expression to a new level by adding direct to garment and direct to film machines. Together, the two machines will increase and enhance production and printing in their newly-acquired 45,000 square-foot facility.

“Integrating these innovative printing machines into our production process marks an exciting chapter for InkAddict. We are driven by a passion for tattoo culture that we share with our customers,” said Ryan Smallegan, Owner of InkAddict, “and we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality clothing inspired by the tattoos they wear and showcasing the unique tattoo culture. These machines will allow us to improve our efficiency, reduce turnaround times, provide a better customer experience, and continue to be a leader in both style and innovation.”

Direct-to-garment printing allows for the incorporation of multiple colors, gradients and other designs into fabric. InkAddict can use this machine for custom printing on different fabrics. Direct-to garment printing is more accurate than traditional screen printing and produces high quality representations of tattoo artwork.

InkAddict will be able to expand their tattoo product line by investing in a direct-to film printer. This machine can transfer the prints it creates onto film to many surfaces including wood, metal and leather. This versatility enables the transfer of tattoo-inspired designs to a wide selection of accessories that resonate with their customers’ diverse interests and lifestyles.

InkAddict’s strategic expansion strengthens its position as a leader in the industry. InkAddict sells clothing and other merchandise inspired by tattoos. For more information, please visit


InkAddict is a company that offers fashionable, creative, and quality apparel to tattoo enthusiasts. They collaborate with innovative, hard-working artists to create high-quality, fashionable products that empower anyone and everyone to express their individuality, set trends, and inspire others—regardless of the ink (or absence of) under their skin.

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