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FESPA Global Print Expo makes a splash in Munich

After a few decades of uncertainty and disruption, the FESPA global has been launched.
Print Expo returned to Munich, Germany in May. The event brought with it a host of
Announcements, meetings and collaborations.

After a quieter comeback in 2021 and a strong, but challenging show
This year, 2022, it felt as if the exhibition had returned in a true way.
Individuals and companies from all over the world can now travel
Experience a real reunion.

Some manufacturers and brands have gone bolder and bigger with their designs.
Durst, for example, has brought in more money than ever before.
Sun Chemical, Canon HP and Mimaki design robotics
Stands that are visually inviting and open.

Other manufacturers have opted for subtle graphics and designs.
swissQprint brought a variety of printers to the market, including Fujifilm and Roland.
The kit was filled with prints and processes that were enticing.

Speciality exhibitions have traditionally been the focus of the show
The 2023 show showcased print signage and visual communication
The industry’s extreme versatility by displaying solutions in the
Worlds of labels and textiles, software for sustainability, and

‘New Perspectives’

This year’s show focused on the theme of ‘New Perspectives’, an
It was a feeling that permeated the five halls at Messe Munich.
Businesses have approached this issue in many ways.
Technology, new products, and simple ideologies can all help.

Print Monthly spoke to the senior director of Marketing at the show.
and innovation at Canon EMEA, Jennifer Kolloczek, said: “New
We are showcasing innovation and perspectives here.
I hope everyone visiting the site feels this way.



“New perspectives for our customers can be how they can diversify
Our solutions not only provide new perspectives, but also literal ones.
Arizona’s new line of level printing offers raised and new levels. We’re
constantly innovating and trying to reinvent ourselves because that’s
exactly what our customers have to do to stay relevant.”

We’re constantly innovating and trying to reinvent ourselves because
that’s exactly what our customers have to do to stay relevant

The company that participated in the Personalisation Experience section
Printbox has expanded its reach with its stand at the show.
Europe and its potential customers can benefit from the online service.
Solution for photo albums and books

Account executive for company, Krzysztof Szczepañczyk, said: “Our
The smart creation tool that we developed 3 years ago will be following this.
AI is a new trend that we are investing in to help.
Personalisation is pushed further.

“The simplicity of our solution gives many new perspectives as it
It saves a lot of time and effort and provides a beautiful finished product.
The end. This is a theme I’m seeing throughout Printbox and other
exhibitors at FESPA.”


Brother expanded its market with the launch and sale of its first new product.
The WF1L640 is a large-format printer. Previous
DTG and DTF are able to service the industrial garment sector through their DTG and DTF
technologies, this is the company’s first foray into this area of the

The FESPA Global print Expo is the first to launch the new FESPA Printing Technology.
The WF1L640 can produce application from banners, drawings and other sources.
Window graphics can be used for storefronts, interior decor and window graphics.
Wallpaper and floor coverings


Printing on coated and uncoated materials up to
The WF1-L640 is a compact, environmentally friendly vehicle that measures 1,615mm.
Water-based inks that have GREENGUARD certification. Also available in a variety of colors.
Bags of 700ml with cartridges removed, resulting to a 95% saving
Plastic is a good example.

Brother says that using only CMYK will give you a colour gamut comparable to
those of additional inks due to Brother’s Latex ink combined with its

Brother also launched a new DTG and DTF.
The GTX600 DTG offers a number of new features.
Seven new colours are now available.
available. Through six printheads CMYK, white and two heads for the
The range of colors is now expanded to include orange and green.
Users’ capabilities in terms of application.

The inks have been certified as Oeko-Tex water-based.
9 litre tanks that are GOTS and Pass certified with less packaging.

Canon launched its PRISMAelevate at FESPA.
XL is an extension to its PRISMA XL Suite, which allows tactile printing
Arizona printers can produce both elevated and applications prints.

This new launch allows for a 20% increase in elevation.
The Arizona 1300 offers faster speeds than the predecessor.
2300 flatbed series.

The Advanced Layer Printing System, or ALPS, is a patented technology that can be used to create printed materials.
used  to produce layers of ink for tactile applications such as braille
Other 3D designs

Arizona 1300 Flatbed Printer also introduced by the manufacturer
The new series includes two new models: the GTF & XTF.
Both machines are equipped with FLOW technology, as well as a zone-free system of vacuum.

Designed to make media handling easy, Canon’s FLOW technology
Allows users to print high-quality, pin-sharp images on rigid and flexible surfaces
The Arizona GTF can accommodate media up to 1.25m x 2.5m or 2.5m x 3.08m.
Arizona XTF.

The 1300 series now includes new print modes.
Quality-Smooth (for 8-channel), Production-Plus and Quality-Plus


Fujifilm launched its Acuity line at FESPA in Berlin 2022, and added a hybrid model to their portfolio at FESPA.

Described by the manufacturer as “ground-breaking”, the new Acuity
Prime Hybrid is similar to Acuity Prime, but with added features
The ability to handle rigid as well as flexible media gives the device versatility.

The latest in Fujifilm’s ‘blueprint for wide format’, the Acuity
Prime Hybrid prints on substrates of up to 2m width and four surfaces.
Several rigid media can be used at the same time.

The use of registration pins allows for edge-to-edge printouts at speeds up to 92m2 an hour.

Two rolls can be loaded in the roll-fed configuration.
It can also handle rigid materials such as
Acrylic, Dibond, Foamboard, and Polyester.

The beta version is equipped with CMYK standard inks.
The UK will install the system in June 2023. Commercial availability is scheduled for then.
Scheduled for the end the year.

Vanguard, an Durst Company, has unveiled the VK3220T – HS, its next-generation flatbed UV printer at FESPA2023.

Described as “marking the introduction of a new compact, user-friendly
product design” for Vanguard Europe’s portfolio, the printer was
designed at Vanguard’s European headquarters in Brixen, South Tyrol,