Long live printed newspapers. Digital won’t work for these readers

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 11, 2019 The sprawling downtown plant called the Olympic Facility where the Los Angeles Times is printed located at 2000 E 8th Street near downtown Los Angeles has been sold to a New York real estate developer that builds large-scale mixed-use projects in Los Angeles and other cities. Atlas Capital Group paid about $240 million for the 26-acre site on Olympic Boulevard alongside the Santa Monica freeway where The Times is a tenant, according to people who know about the deal. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

The Times’ South Los Angeles printing facility has stacks of newspapers ready for distribution in 2019. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

Katy Perry’s popularity was noted by many journalists. tweet last week One of her “favorite sounds ever” is the sound of a freshly printed newspaper being read during breakfast. Perry is not alone, as evident by the approving reactions of readers to Perry’s Monday letter imploring The Times for continued printing newspapers well into the future.

The writer was responding to the news that The Times would close its long-standing printing plant in South Los Angeles in 2024. The writer discovered this disturbing news: “It was not clear from the article concerning the closing of the print facility whether you will continue to deliver a …. print version.” Keep the print paper coming. I’d rather have the print paper than to lose an important part my morning. Digital won’t suffice for me.”

When I published this letter, I assumed it would get a quick and one-off response. I was wrong — and I must admit, pleasantly so. Many more people have expressed their gratitude for the newspaper’s print edition since Monday.


To the editor Thanks Susan Polifronio for her letter in the Nov. 7, paper. She understood my feelings perfectly.

I was also unsure if The Times would continue to publish a printed version after 2024. Although I am not a Luddite, print journalism is important for our daily routine.

As a journalism major, and as someone who has a master’s of library science, I want to thank you for continuing a valuable tradition.

Ellen Mark, Santa Monica


To the editor Since the 1970s, The Los Angeles Times has been delivered daily to my house. The paper was always with me when I moved.

I completely agree with the writer of the letter asking for the L.A. Times to continue providing a paper version. The digital version is a horrible thing. I love the feel of paper. Turning the pages and focusing on the headlines brings me such comfort.

I would also be happy to pay more for the printed version. I believe I already do. Keep in mind, there are many people who love the printed version and would be devastated if it were discontinued.

Regina Barnes, Ventura


To the editor Every morning, I can also be found reading The Times while eating my breakfast.

It’s not because I have a set way, but I find the printed newspaper much more entertaining, enticing, and educational. It would mean that my daily life would suffer if the paper was lost every morning.

While I’m on the subject, let me say thanks for your daily paper delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. I found it remarkable that you only missed one day during a pandemic.

Linda Cooper, Studio City


To the editor It is a great pleasure to have a cup of hot tea while I read The Times from cover-to-cover.

The joy of holding the paper in my hands is gone when I can read the news digitally. I like the feel and smell of the paper. I enjoy flipping through the pages, from article to article. It’s like reading the news digitally, but it’s not a pleasure.

Although I’m not certain if closing the printing plant will impact the delivery of papers I do support keeping the paper available for subscribers. If that was what it took to continue receiving my paper each morning, I would be willing to pay more.

Thanks, if you can do it.

Santa Barbara, Eileen Barish


To the editor Please vote for print journalism. I agree with the first letter writer.

Since I was returning to L.A. four years ago I made it a point of getting a subscription to The Times’ print edition in order to support print journalism.

Joel Weiner, Tarzana


To the editor Every day, I read the paper. I also receive the Orange County Register because there are often other opinions in it.

On nice days, I’ll take the paper outside or read it in my living room. I don’t want to be required to use my computer or take out my laptop.

My paper still gets delivered to my home. Perhaps I’m the only person on my street who gets it.

Keep the paper coming. I’d pay more, because I love receiving the paper every day.

Sylvia Ludlow Huntington Beach


To the editor I am a long-time subscriber and agree with the Nov. 7 mail. I too read my entire L.A. Times.

If the paper doesn’t appear on my driveway or gets wet, I consider myself a caged animal. When I wrote this letter, the paper had become wet because of my slope. Water was drained in. Water should drain in.

Digital for me?

Ann Cressman, Laguna Niguel

This story first appeared in Los Angeles Times.

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