PostGrid Announces First-of-its-Kind Native Integration on the Stripe App Marketplace, Enabling Seamless Print & Mail Automation Across US, CA, UK, AU and Address Verification for Businesses

PostGrid’s native integration with Stripe allows Stripe users the ability to verify postal data, and send paper bills from their Stripe dashboard.

Dallas, Texas (Newsfile Corp. June 24, 2023) – PostGrid a leading provider in print and mail automation, is pleased to announce the integration of Stripe. Stripe is a global company that provides economic infrastructure on the internet. This integration allows Stripe businesses to automate their print and mail processes while also ensuring that accurate address data is captured through PostGrid’s advanced address validation capabilities.

PostGrid as part of Stripe Marketplace

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PostGrid’s API and platform empower businesses to automate printing and mailing operations in Stripe. With the addition of address validation, businesses are able to capture and validate accurate data. This ensures precise delivery, and reduces return mail.

PostGrid for Stripe has many features and benefits.

  1. Automated printing and mailing: Stripe Dashboard allows businesses to automate print and mail processes, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This streamlines workflows and eliminates errors.

  2. Address Verification: PostGrid’s advanced address validation allows businesses to validate postal address information, reducing the risks of failed deliveries or returned mail.

  3. Cost reduction: Automation of print and mailing processes reduces the operational costs associated to printing, manual labour, and postal services.

  4. Enhanced efficiency: By eliminating manual entry of data, printing, and mail, businesses can reallocate resource to other critical tasks. This improves overall productivity.

Apaar M. Madan, PostGrid’s Founder and CTO, said: “We are pleased to partner Stripe. We enable businesses to leverage automation while ensuring accuracy of address data capture.” By integrating Stripe into our print automation and mail automation, we are able to streamline the physical communication process and offer businesses an end-toend solution. We help businesses save money, improve operational efficiency, and ensure reliable mail delivery by capturing the right address information.

PostGrid’s address validation feature, in addition to its automation capabilities, ensures accurate address data within the Stripe dashboard. This helps prevent delivery problems, improve customer satisfaction and maintain a high quality of data.

Learn more about our addition to the Stripe Marketplace by visiting our blog, at, and to get started with the PostGrid application for Stripe, visit

PostGrid is a free online tool that allows you to post and manage your posts.

PostGrid, a leading platform for print and mail automation, simplifies the sending of physical mail so that businesses can focus on their core business. PostGrid’s powerful APIs and user-friendly interface allow businesses to automate their print and mailing communications and personalize them, allowing customers to feel a tangible touch even in a digital world. PostGrid’s advanced address validation feature ensures reliable mail delivery.

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