6K Additive Introduces Ultra-Low Oxygen Titanium Powder Helping Customers Increase Quality While Lowering Overall Print Cost

While the material specifications are not changed, the availability of 500-700ppm titanium powder greatly expands the parts that can be printed from a manufacturing lot.  

NORTH ANDOVER (Mass., Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 6K Additive, a division 6K, a leader in the sustainable production of engineered materials for additive manufacturing and lithium-ion batteries announced today the immediate availability of ultra-low oxygen titanium 64 with parts per million range of 500 – 700. 6K Additive is able to produce titanium at very low oxygen levels at production scale. This surpasses all other additive manufacturing options. 6K Additive’s ultralow oxygen titanium offers customers a very high-quality product that allows them to obtain additional printing jobs via their additive manufacturing system without compromising quality. With titanium parts that are longer lasting and with the same printable specifications, the low oxygen Ti64 significantly lowers the overall cost of titanium parts.

“The global supply crisis has caused volatility on the market for metals such titanium which causes uncertainty in prices and availability. “Our ability provide low-oxygen Titanium at high production volumes allows our customer increase the value of their powder and lower their costs for Ti64 parts.” Frank RobertsPresident of 6K Additive.

Mark BarfootEWI director AM programs commented, “When talking to Ti64 market users, quality always comes first with costs second.” It is possible to increase the Ti64’s value by giving them more powder uses.

UniMelt 6K® The platform provides multifaceted sustainability benefits unlike any other material production platform. 6K Additive recently asked Foresight Management for a life cycle assessment on their nickel and titanium powders. This study was done to assess the environmental impact of the production and atomization technologies used in the manufacturing of printable metal powders. 6K Additive’s. For Ti64, the UniMelt process by 6K at minimum resulted in a 74% energy and 78% reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional processes. Download the independent studiesed here.

Ti64 is also low in oxygen (500-700ppm). 6K Additive offers a complete range of AM powders, including Ni718, Ni625, stainless-steel 316/17-4 and copper 18150.

6K press releases are available here: https://www.6kinc.com/about/news/ 

About 6K

It is a company that values sustainability. 6K In gegründet in North Andover (Massachusetts), has developed UniMelt®The patented advanced microwave plasma production process enables engineered materials to be transformed into new products. This system is used in a variety of industries including aerospace, additive manufacturing, renewable energy and consumer electronics. 6K UniMelt’s operating temperature is 6000 degrees®The world’s first microwave production scale plasma system and the temperature at the sun’s surface.

The 6K The Energy division is a producer of domestically made battery material. This will accelerate the pace of battery production as well as the adoption of electric cars. The 6K Additive division is a specialist in sustainable sourced AM metal powders production. They also reclamate the powders using a proprietary milling process and cleaning method that guarantees high-quality powders. Follow @6KInc for more information. 


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