Decorating Roundup: Brand-Boosting Technology & Equipment

Custom decoration increases the perceived value – and the profit margin – of any promo product. The brand-building potential of electric luminescent film can be added to apparel. It can also be used as heat transfer vinyl, which resembles a glossy, iridescent, twill fabric.

Make your brand shine with Electric Luminous Film

INURU, a German firm that exhibited at CES this year, produces electric luminous film (ELF), that can be incorporated in apparel, packaging, and other products. The electronic circuitry, which is powered by a small postage stamp-sized battery, is thin, waterproof, and shockproof.

“The technology is a complete game-changer for many industries,” said Patrick Barkowski, chief technology officer at INURU. “Not only does it enhance branding to entice new customers, but the ELFs are super-robust and can be integrated using today’s production equipment and recycled after use.”

It can be printed onto almost any item, according to INURU. It can be used in packaging and labels to improve branding. This includes bottles that beat to music, labels that glow when touched, and packages that detect motion when someone is within 6 feet.

Rechargeable OLEDs can be merged with fabrics as a way to add safety – increasing visibility during night runs, for example.

Add Some Texture & Gloss to Apparel

heat transfer

Stahls’ (asi/88984) recently released CAD-CUT Chroma-TWILL, a heat transfer vinyl that offers a glossy, iridescent shine with the feel of woven fabric. This vinyl has the same texture and look as traditional twill, but with a shimmering effect to modernize it. Available in a variety of colors, including neon shades, this specialty material works for a variety of markets, including fashion, spiritwear, athleisure and children’s clothing.

Chroma-TWILL is applied with a heat press and doesn’t require embroidery equipment like traditional appliqué. Distributors and decorators can order it in rolls to cut with their own vinyl cutter or upload their artwork to for ready-to-apply transfers.

DTF Capability also available on the new DTG printer


DTG Connection just introduced the X2 DTG printer. This printer is the latest addition in its line of direct to-garment printers. According to DTG Connection, the X2 was built from years of customer feedback as well as analysis of past models.

“At DTG Connection, our goal is to provide the most reliable and easy-to-use printers on the market,” said Karl Tipre, DTG Connection founder. “The X2 embodies this mission with the addition of many improvements, such as wireless connectivity, a huge 7-inch touchscreen interface, and updates to simplify and reduce required maintenance. It simply works when you need it.”

The printer is ready to print at retail, has a range plate sizes, a push-of button switch for direct-to-film printing, and an easy-to-use interface.

Printer/Cutters approved for 3M MCS warranty


Roland DGA is a manufacturer of vinyl cutters and wide-format inkjet printers. It notes that the TrueVIS VG3 and SG3 wide format eco-solvent inkjet print/cutters with TR2ink have been approved by 3M for their warranty.

The warranty covers the entire intended life of each graphic. This includes fading, cracking and other performance aspects.

“TrueVIS wide-format printer/cutters and our specially formulated TR2 inks have a well-earned reputation for consistently producing stunning, long-lasting prints with vibrant color and excellent detail,” said Daniel Valade, Roland DGA’s product manager of digital print. “The support of the 3M MCS warranty provides additional assurance to end-buyers that the output created by these devices and inks will satisfy their most demanding customers.”

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